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Forum themes

Green Growth Economy

This year’s innovation forum focuses on boosting the green growth economy. The forum builds a concrete platform for scientific researchers, innovative companies and investors to discuss future visions and conduct business together. Which megatrends have the greatest impact on the next stage of economic development? What are the key demands on strategic planning and future leadership?
High-profile policy makers will share their views on how cutting-edge solutions can increase well-being and green growth, and how innovations can create new business.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable energy efficiency is among the most crucial challenges facing the modern society. Renewable energy, waste management systems and 21st century nanotechnologies are examples of the research focus aiming for a better tomorrow. The forum offers insights on the latest knowledge in e.g. solar energy technologies and the role of bio energy. How does the future of nuclear energy fit into the picture?


In addition to sustainable energy solutions, water purification is a long-lasting megatrend in the new era of technology-based business. Water treatment and waste water management solutions are examples of cleantech research and applications discussed in the forum. How can European solutions help the massive challenges of dry areas in e.g. Africa? What is the current focus in Arctic area research and nature preservation? High profile business cases from Europe and Russia, and practical examples of effective regional clusters portray the cleantech industry of today.

Green and Smart City

Cities around the world face the challenge of combining competitiveness with sustainable urban development. The forum addresses the dimensions of smart and green cities from the environmental, social and economic perspectives. Case examples and best practices from different cities help to identify the potential for business opportunities and the need for future development. What are the next steps for the development of green and smart cities? How could new inventions in business processes influence the future of our cities? What issues should be taken into account by cities which are planning to become green?

Green Growth in Practice

This track is dedicated to ambitious businesses aiming to create new business growth. A potential business growth idea may rise from academic research, entrepreneurs’ observations or simply by accident. The main focus will be on how to turn green ideas into business growth. How to help the early development of an idea or start-up companies to grow and accelerate their business? Growth companies are most often found in technology industries. Not only are new innovative ideas essential, but so is the financing of these innovative solutions. Sometimes it might even require starting a new business in a completely new environment in order to find the right partners and investors. Share your ideas and experiences, boost your profile, find the right business partner or investor and create green growth. This part of the programme is labelled as track ´B´.

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