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Forum 2011

Forum 2011

Roughly 720 participants gathered for the 2nd EU-Russia Innovation Forum held in Lappeenranta on 25-26 May 2011. The Forum focused on promoting tangible business partnerships between the participating companies and concrete challenges that companies face in their day-to-day business.

Highlights of the 2011 Forum:

  • More than 125 companies participated in a large-scale two-day Business Matchmaking Event
  • 720 participants
  • 70 partners
  • Focused primarily on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Information & Communication Technologies and Health & Pharma.
  • The Forum sought practical solutions for barriers to cooperation.
  • Companies obtained valuable information on starting new businesses with foreign partners.

One of the Forum’s main partners was Konsu Accountor Group, whose CEO Pirjo Karhu expressed positive thoughts after the Forum:

“I believe that as a result of the Forum we will gain many new customers and a lot of new business in Finland and Russia. Networking and international visibility play a key role at the Forum. I hope to see an event even grander next year with world-class magnetism to gain international media visibility. All in all, the Forum was great. Congratulations, Lappeenranta!” Karhu says.

The story of Nordic Set Green Ltd. began in the 1st EU-Russia Innovation Forum, where its CEO Xing Shi found his business partners. The company, located in Lappeenranta, focuses on soil and water cleaning and eco-city design. The result of the past year’s Forum is a new Russian partner and a newly established joint company to take the Finnish and Russian cleantech know-how to the EU and China.

“The EU-Russia Innovation Forum is the best platform for Finnish and Russian companies to connect. The Forums have truly provided me with concrete benefits – two of my companies have started from the Business Matchmaking Session 30-minute face-to-face meetings”, says Xing Shi, who is also a Lappeenranta University of Technology graduate.

View the event photos here!