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In case of emergency

Finland enjoys a comparatively low crime rate and is generally a very safe place to travel. The average visitor is highly unlikely to encounter any problems. Use common sense, especially at night, and you will be just fine.


The universal emergency number is 112. You should dial it ONLY if your health, life or property is in danger. 112 is the national phone number for all emergency services, including the police, and it does not require an area code, regardless of what phone you are using. If you need to report an incident to the police, find out more about the procedure at here.

The contact information for the Lappeenranta police station is:

Address:   Villimiehenkatu 2 C, 53100 LAPPEENRANTA
Opening hours:  Mon-Fri 8.00-16.15
Tel:  +358 71 873 0351

At the Forum

First aid is available at the university during the event and the emergency staff is on duty during the Forum sessions. The locations of the first aid points are indicated in the Forum map.