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Why to participate – Companies

Share your ideas and experiences, boost your profile, find the right business partner or investor and create green growth. Whether you are an early stage start-up or a mature company seeking new business opportunities, this is the place to be. In this event, you will encounter numerous companies, enterprises, investors, researchers and decision-makers involved in sustainable economy and growth, offering you a range of opportunities for collaboration across borders.

In addition, the Forum’s popular Networking Village gives you the chance to book a face-to-face prescheduled meeting with the participants and connect with green actors.


Why to participate – Academic world

Learn about new trends in research in the field of energy efficiency, cleantech and green and smart cities. Exchange innovative ideas and share your research experiences. Make new connections and discover new solutions to incorporate new technologies and practices into your research.


The Forum serves as a meeting point for academia and business professionals from the EU and Russia. It is an excellent platform to promote your project plans and build networks if you are planning to take part in Horizon 2020, the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.  The Forum’s Networking Village gives you the opportunity to present the research and education of your university. It is a place to establish collaboration with other universities, representatives of technology parks and enterprises.

Why to participate – policy makers

Share your ideas and experiences across political parties. In the Forum, you will encounter policy-makers, start-ups, enterprises, investors and academics from the most green and innovative areas of Russia and Europe. This gives you an excellent possibility to share and promote your opinions and views as well as to influence green growth economy builders.

In addition, you will get the chance to hear from green growth business professionals what is needed to make your business flourish. What are the main obstacles for early stage start-ups and enterprises and how can the government support their development?